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Proudly serving the citizens and communities of San Bernardino County since 1952

About ECS

The Emergency Communications Service (ECS) is the front line communications, technical and logistical support arm for the San Bernardino County Fire’s Office of Emergency Services (OES).

ECS volunteers come from nearly every profession, i.e., teachers, retired police officers, firefighters, structural engineers, retired military personnel as well as a retired epidemiologist. ECS personnel take their work seriously and work closely with fire and other public safety personnel. This organization is tasked with the support and maintenance of critical incident communications in times of emergency.

ECS is divided into three geographic divisions throughout the County. These divisions are Valley, Mountains, and Deserts. Within these divisions we have multiple units and Affiliated Cities. This structure allows our personnel to concentrate their involvement within their local communities but also remain available to support operations throughout the County in times of major disasters.

ECS personnel average more than 10,000 hours per year in support of County Fire and numerous other served agencies within the County as well as State and Federal agencies. For those looking for an exciting and rewarding opportunity to participate and give back to their communities and are interested in public safety and preparedness training, the ECS organization will provide that opportunity. ECS supports the mission of a better prepared and safer San Bernardino County.

For More Information Contact our Chief Radio Officer at info@bdcecs.org

ECS provides continual training in all aspects of emergency services and communications to improve and expand the response capability and preparedness of its members in time of disaster.

Standard training classes

  • Incident Command System ICS 100-400
  • National Incident Management System
  • SEMS
  • FEMA EMI courses
  • Wildland Fire Safety
  • Hazmat—First Responder Awareness
  • CPR First Aid / AED
  • Command Post & EOC Operations
  • Government Radio Systems
  • Ham Radio disaster operations
  • Traffic control / Vehicle Operations
  • Map & Compass w/GPS
  • Incident Video Documentation